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Division of Obstetrics and Reproductive Diseases of Livestock


Obstetrics and Reproductive Diseases of Livestock is a branch of veterinary clinical sciences in which all aspects of the reproductive tract of male and female domestic livestock are studied. There is a close relationship between basic sciences and Pathobiology on the one hand and obstetrics and reproductive diseases on the other and in order to apply these aspects in farms, veterinarians should be familiar with current developments in the sciences like reproductive physiology, immunology, bacteriology, pathology, etc. Moreover, biotechnology is an inseparable part of scientific and research activities, which is known as assisted reproductive technology. The livestock industry is dependent on reproduction of animals and experts plays the key role in hygienic management and reproduction of livestock.


Activities and goals


The goal of this department is theoretical and practical education of students in a way that they could easily deal with obstetric problems once entered the market, know various diseases and be able to cure them. Also they will be familiar with livestock reproduction management and help ranchers to improve the reproduction efficiency. This department is active in three areas: educating veterinary students, providing clinical services to the ranchers and reproduction related basic and clinical research. Currently, after successfully passing courses related to obstetrics, reproduction and diseases, veterinary students will spend a full year in clinic to practically diagnose and cure diseases as interns. Experts of obstetric, reproduction and diseases, visit patients and perform clinical activities in Shahid Bahonar University veterinary hospital. People referred to hospital could enjoy specialized counseling; diagnostic and therapeutic services and in the meantime, interns will learn examination, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.



Educational activities


Students of DVM could take courses on a. Veterinary obstetrics, b. Domestic livestock reproductive diseases, c. Artificial insemination and d. Clinical operation only after successfully passing the comprehensive pre-clinical exam. After passing the above-mentioned courses, students will be known as obstetric interns and could take internship practical courses 1 and 2.



Faculty Members


Dr. Homayoun Babaei, Professor of Obstetrics and Reproductive Diseases of Livestock


Dr. Jalil Abshenas, Associate professor of Obstetrics and Reproductive Diseases of Livestock


Dr. Morteza Aghamiri, Assisstant Professor of Obstetrics and Reproductive Diseases of Livestock



Research Activities


Various clinical and laboratory research activities are performed in this department. An important part of research is devoted to culturing stem cells, biological and biotechnological reproductive cells in male and female animals, including studying the process of spermatogenesis, culture and cryopreservation of oocytes and in vitro fertilization. These researches are done in the department’s Cell Culture Research Laboratory.


Cell Culture Research Laboratory

This laboratory is established on 2001 and Dr. Homayoun Babaei is in charge of its management. This laboratory is a part of the reference laboratory of the veterinary faculty, in which cell research, including culturing stem cells and most of the researches in biological and biotechnological grounds of reproduction including in vitro fertilization, culture and cryopreservation of oocytes are done.


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