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Department of Veterinary Parasitology


Activities and Goals


Parasitology includes three parts of Helminthology, Protozoology and Arthropods.


The following are among the courses instructed during the Ph.D. program of veterinary laboratory sciences:


Worms’ taxonomy, protozoa taxonomy, biology and physiology and acanthocephalan nematodes, flat worms biology and physiology, biology, and physiology of arthropods, arthropods and protozoa, cochlear pathology, avian parasitic diseases, prevention and control program and eradication of parasitic diseases of animals, food and clinical parasitology


Educational Activities


DVM Courses

MSc in Veterinary Parasitology

Ph.D. main courses



Faculty Members


Dr. Mohammad Hossein Radfar, Full Professor


Dr. Mohammad Mirzaei, Associate Professor


Dr. Saeid Reza Nourollahi, Associate Professor


Mr. Mansour Aminzadeh, Expert



Research Activities




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