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Small Animal Internal Medicine Division

Faculty Members

Dr. Baharak Akhtardanesh,  (DVM, DVSc) Associate Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine

Dr. Mehdi Saberi, (DVM, DVSc) Assistant Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine

Dr. Mahdie Rezaie, (DVM, DVSc) Assistant Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine


The Small Animal Internal Medicine division is one of 5 main divisions of the Department of Clinical Sciences,  Veterinary Faculty, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman. Small Animal Internal Medicine division contributes to three missions of teaching, research, and service. The primary goal of this division is providing instruction to veterinary students, interns and externs, conducting researches and DVM thesis in the field of companion and exotic animal internal diseases, including gastroenterology, respiratory disease, infectious and immune-mediated disease, genitourinary, neurological and behavioral disorders, cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, dentistry and endocrinology, to reach the highest level of care and expertise possible. Clinical responsibility includes both instruction and service efforts through the delivery of routine patient care, emergency medical services, and referral and consultative activities to clients. Responsibilities of faculty members include the supervision and education of professional veterinary students, interns and externs; patient care; progressive diagnostic and therapeutic patient management; consultations and communications with clients and referring veterinarians; and the efficient organization, operation and scheduling of the internal medicine services.


Teaching in Small Animal Internal Medicine division includes participation in didactic teaching through the four years of the curriculum (preclinical) and extensive participation in clinical teaching in the fifth (Extern) and sixth year (Intern) of the curriculum through activities offered in the Veterinary Teaching and Research  Hospital  and off-site. Advanced clinical teaching is directed toward externs and interns partially through clinical activities in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital through exposure to a wide variety of cases at all levels of complexity and partially through seminars, rounds, journal clubs  and  morning case presentation.

DVM courses: Small Animal Internal Medicine, Principles of Small Animal clinical Examination, Small Animal General Medicine Clerkship, Small Animal Internal Medicine Clerkship



All academic members are actively involved in clinical and basic research, as well as programs such as DVM thesis, and research projects.


The Small Animal Internal Medicine division offers clinical services in the Teaching and Research Hospital of Veterinary  Faculty of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman for a variety of internal medical problems of  referring animals, including  dogs, cats, Rabbits, and Rodents (Hamster, Guinea pig, Chinchilla, Squirrel and.) and other exotic companion  animals. On the other hand, we provide consultations and continuing education programs for practicing veterinarians in the community.  

Small Animal Internal Medicine Division

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