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Veterinary Pathology Scopes




Veterinary pathology provides a critical link between the basic and clinical sciences. Our faculty fulfills essential roles in teaching veterinary and graduate students, diagnosis of diseases in domestic animals, and scientific research. In each activity, we are dedicated to the study, diagnosis, and control of animal diseases.

We emphasize understanding the pathologic mechanisms of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and their vectors. Our dynamic faculty includes leading experts in molecular pathogenesis; and diagnostic pathology, surgical pathology and experimental pathology. Using this expertise and new investigative technologies, we have expanded our areas of learning and discovery to include unique educational programs, and research emphasis. We offer pathology support (gross, histopathology, clinical pathology) and can assist with development of special imaging techniques such as immunohistochemistry. Our department provides diagnostic services to the Veterinary Medical Center and practicing veterinarians. Our faculty supports a diverse spectrum of research technologies to further enhance a strong research and graduate program.




Our mission is to provide a critical link between the basic and clinical sciences through essential roles in learning for students (undergraduate, veterinary, and graduate) and veterinarians, diagnosis and reporting of diseases in domestic animals, and scientific research. The Veterinary Pathology unit provides histopathological services for research and teaching. 




Our vision is to lead the premier curriculum for professional DVM students in pathology and training for future scientists, teachers, and diagnosticians as a national resource. The impact will be excellence in all three mission areas. The learning also will be accomplished through distance education and will assist clinician veterinarians as well. Our department will provide access to the best experts in pathology, in the areas of infectious and emerging diseases, parasitic diseases, animal models, and diseases of high consequence to animal and human health through integrated education, diagnostics, and research.




Our departmental objectives are to 1) Increase knowledge and diagnostic training in pathology, including foreign animal, emerging, parasitic, and zoonotic diseases; 2) Integrate educational and diagnostic expertise as a national resource

Service /Lab 

Pathology Department provides histopathological services for research and teaching in the histotechnique laboratory of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman.



DVM courses: General Pathology, Special Pathology, Necropsy


Faculty Members

Dr. Reza Kheirandish: Head of Division, Associate Professor of Veterinary Pathology

Dr. Shahrzad Azizi: Assistant Professor of Veterinary Pathology

Technical Assistant:

Mr. Saeed Hasanzadeh










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